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Seth's wish to be a magician

  • After the show

  • Seth and family

  • Seth back stage

  • Seth being interviewed

  • In the limo

  • The performance

  • Seth receiving the proclamation

  • Seth the magician

  • The fans

  • Signing autographs

“ “Make-A-Wish is all about bringing the magic. We bring some hope, some strength and joy to these kids.”—Donna, Wish Granter ”

- Donna, Wish granter

SHAZAM! Magic provides an escape for bold 7 year old Seth who is battling Wilms Tumor, a type of kidney cancer that is most common in children. Seth has always enjoyed watching magic tricks, however, no one had ever seen him perform one until his wish.

For Seth, magic is an escape from his daily life. He’s always been shy, so when Seth wished to be a magician his mother was shocked. She thought Seth might want to attend a show, but he wanted to perform.

“It was a huge shock to us all because he’s such a shy young man…Since his diagnosis, he has been much bolder,” said Heather, Seth’s mom.

Seth’s favorite part of his wish was performing for the audience with his brother, Wade, and professional magician Norman Ng, who trained the boys over the summer. The brothers both enjoyed riding in the limo. During the show Seth and Wade made things appear—a bowling ball, some scarves, and a box of money—and they also made things disappear.

Anthony Ejarque, Producing Director at the Rochester Opera House, is a family friend and was excited to help Seth fulfill his wish in any way he could. Anthony provided the venue and found the professional magician that trained the boys.

“Of the 250 shows a year I produce between here and the Governor’s Inn, concerts, theater, all that stuff, [Seth and Wade’s performance] has been the most meaningful…Working with these guys, the enthusiasm level, it’s really been great,” said Anthony.

Seth’s wish was truly a magical experience that hundreds of people will remember forever—including Seth.

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