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I wish to go to the BMW Factory in Germany

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“ “When I was sick, learning about the i8 was a source of hope and motivation for me, as you built something that everyone said was impossible. This inspired me to continue my fight and to believe anything is possible if you try.” ”

- Wish Kid Eric

Eric, 17, has loved cars his entire life. He became intrigued by BMW’s i8 when it was just a concept car. The following year Eric was diagnosed with stage four choriocarcinoma. In the middle of his chemotherapy treatments, Eric learned that BMW had successfully completed the construction of the i8, and it was now on the market.

The i8 was Eric’s dream car, and after a few months of research, he was able to find a model that was located within 20 minutes from the hospital where he received his treatments. After seeing the i8 in person, and once he was in remission, Eric began planning his wish. Eric’s wish was to go to the BMW factory in Germany for a hands-on experience with the making of the BMW i8.

“At first I thought I was just going to be given a tour of the factory and maybe sit in an i8. I never expected all that would come. There [were] so many surprises within my stay with BMW that words cannot express my appreciation. I got to do so many amazing things such as sit in the first manufactured i8, see close up the manual assembly, meet and chat with very important people of BMW, and my favorite part, driving with Mr. Rieger on the test track and autobahn,” said Eric.

When he returned from his trip, Eric raved about his experience at the BMW factory. He found the employees to be nice, outgoing, and passionate about their positions and the company as a whole. He also found the facility to be purposeful in design. From the use of windmills, to the extra steps in the manufacturing of cars to produce higher quality models, “this human element is what I believe makes BMW the leading automobile company in the world,” said Eric.

Eric believes that anything is possible since BMW created the i8.

“When other auto manufactures couldn’t make an eco-friendly car you did. Not only was it environmentally friendly but it was stylish, beautiful…comfortable, technologically advanced, safe, electric, 95 percent recyclable, and fast, very fast. You created a car that encompasses what everyone wants in a car. You created something perfect,” said Eric.

This wish was granted in honor of our Board Alumni and in memory of Sam Moore. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of our board members past and present. 

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