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I wish to have a salt water aquarium

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  • Kaylen on Facetime

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“ This takes them from bad memories to something they can look forward to ”

- Kathryn, Kaylen's mom

  • Kaylen , 12

    • Leukemia
    • I wish to have a salt water fish tank designed by "Tanked"

Kaylen is passionate about fish. This 12 year old loves all things aquatic. He is battling leukemia, and now finds hope everyday in his salt water aquarium.

During the beginning stages of his diagnosis, Kaylen had a bumpy ride. Chemotherapy treatments were long, and a bone marrow transplant left Kaylen exhausted. However, Kaylen’s mom noted that he remained hopeful of the future even when things were difficult.

Kaylen has always loved fish and aquariums, especially the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas. Since his grandparents live in Las Vegas, Kaylen visits this aquarium often. It only seems appropriate that Kaylen’s wish would involve something aquatic. Kaylen wished to have a saltwater fish tank custom-created by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the Las Vegas-based company behind the designs seen on the Animal Planet show “Tanked.”

“This is so awesome,” said Kaylen.

The 200-gallon saltwater ATM tank was filled with seawater, coral, and a handmade model of “The Morrigan,” a warship from Kaylen’s favorite videogame, “Assassin’s Creed.” The tank can hold up to 40 inches of fish. It is now up to Kaylen to decide what type of fish he wants for his tank.

“Maybe a triggerfish, a flame angel, a clownfish, some tangs, and maybe a Spanish hogfish,” said Kaylen.

Brett Raymer, co-owner of ATM, spoke with Kaylen via Skype and told him, “You fill out an application and we’ll hire you on the spot.”

Kaylen lit up at the offer. “Yeah, I’d take a job at ATM.”

Kaylen is currently enjoying his fish tank with his family.

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